In a far flung Galaxy, Velia the Tempest is the only one of her kind. With no memory of whence she came, the only part of herself remembered is the name on her lips as she fights alongside the forces of the Sentinel Eye against an oppressive race from beyond the myserious Grand Rift. On the eve of victory, all is threatened when a new force reveals itself, which may hold the key to Velia's past, as the fate of worlds hang in the balance. Explore the first Chapter of Velia's grand adventure here, as well as a look into the development behind the series, additional content, and links to the artist's other works.


Discover more about the major players and world of Phantom Hurricane as the story unfolds with this quick guide.


Phantom Hurricane started as another story called "Phantom Spiral". Learn how it evolved to its ultimate form with some of the pages and content of the version that was, and about the decisions to reshape the story with societal problems such as racism, sexism, and trauma -weighed and considered with many of the narrative choices.